What look will you choose for your Parisian stay?


From head to toe, Hotel Dress Code has the perfect OR right** amount of chic to seduce you. Its 33 rooms, living areas and well-being spaces are laid out like a clever fashion show filled with the most elegant styles and moods, embellished in Paris fashion colors by decorator Stéphanie Coutas.

It’s up to you to choose your look for a special stay and your …
Favorite Dress Code.


Sewing lessons by Stéphanie Coutas

Thanks to the clever whimsy of decorator Stéphanie Coutas, the chic, new Dress Codehotel is all about cheerful glamour. This 4-star hotel, housed in the former French Prêt-à-Porter (Ready-to-wear) headquarters, is surrounded by Paris’ top shopping neighborhoods: rue Saint Honoré, Opera and the major department stores. The hotel combines fashion with modern elegance and the iconic French Couture looks of each room are the connecting threads that welcome visitors in fun, leisure moods that offer a multitude of pleasures associated with well-being.

In a unique approach to “dressing” where style and practicality go hand-in-hand, Stéphanie Coutas’ sophisticated sense of detail offers a contemporary, relaxed hospitality. With her light touch - and nod to some of Paris’ top couture houses - she designed the 33 rooms of Dress Code Hotel in a stylish, easy rhythm. Guests can choose a futuristic, acidic-pastel, 60s mood, sailor stripes anchored in traditional style, powdery pearl grays that channel Avenue Montaigne, a timeless, smart, houndstooth decor, an anchor chain or luxurious terracotta surroundings. Dress Code Hotel’s versatile “wardrobe” will appeal to classy girls or dandy travellers. For those who have chosen Paris as the base for their dream shopping trip, Stéphanie Coutas imagined a location that overflows with familiar references all in a comfortable setting.



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Style details

A signature of feminine attention, each room in the Dress Code hotel is decorated with a wardrobe designed like a piece of jewellery. This metal circle where the hangers wait in a bracelet for the hanging of looks when travelling, deliberately underlines the open fluidity of the space. Here sophistication takes on a tone of pretty casualness: each room is designed as a seductive garment for the eye, but whose soft lining and sense of cut are dedicated to the one who wears it and lives it. The wise lights are modulated and benevolent, the fabrics chosen for their caressing singularity. From headboards to decorative bathroom panels, Stéphanie Coutas matches effects and details, citing iconic quilted stitching, scarf patterns and other exhilarating canvases.

Emancipated classics

Prodigiously varied and prodigious if ever there was one, the unbridled window shopping is one of the tireless attractions of the hotel's district. Beyond this effervescence from outside, Stéphanie Coutas wanted to favour a lobby with a soothing minerality to welcome the guests of the Dress Code. The address also has the elegance to emancipate itself from the fast-moving do's and don't't of fashion. Distinctive raw tones, soft cream and light marble shine: the lobby displays a serene assurance, an invitation to land with phlegm throughout the day and to the happiness of the seasons. In a discreet twist of timeless mouldings and majestic crystal suspensions, the codes of a Parisian address are initiated here.

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