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15% free with breakfast offered!

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33 high-profile,
custom-made rooms,

Like true collection pieces, the Hotel Dress Code rooms combine a fashion mood with a playful lifestyle. This inspired fashion show is adapted to any length … of your stay: from the pastel or acidic colors of 60s futurism, nautical stripes anchored in tradition and style, powdery pearl grays with Avenue Montaigne overtones, suit-smart houndstooth motifs or wood, leather and terracotta textures with riding accents …

From small to spacious, choose the room that will fit you like a glove.


Well-being area
What could be more fitting!


From 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, the well-being, in partnership with Oliver Lecoq


The top labels
for living well

At Hotel Dress Code, our special attention offers many lovely ways to satisfy your desires ...


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